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Vuero and Vite

Vuero uses Vite, which is a web development build tool that supports:

Under the hood, when runing pnpm dev, it runs vite.

To learn more about this awesome tool made by the vuejs core team, check You will learn to:

  • Add postcss pre-processors
  • Integrate JSX
  • Implement fancy Web Assembly code
  • Add new asset path aliases
  • And much more

Vite plugins in Vuero

@vitejs/plugin-vueInject vue library and allow sfc files to work (*.vue)
@intlify/vite-plugin-vue-i18nDoes i18n resources pre-compilation / optimizations
unplugin-vue-routerGenerate routes based on file system
since v2.4.0
unplugin-auto-importAuto-Import modules
since v2.4.0
vite-plugin-vuero-docInternal vite plugin that load markdown files as vue components
unplugin-vue-components/viteAutoloading vue components
vite-plugin-purge-iconsAutoloading icones from multiples providers
vite-plugin-fontsInject webfonts from differents providers
vite-plugin-radarInject snippets from analytics providers
vite-plugin-pwaGenerate manifest.json and register services worker to enable PWA
rollup-plugin-purgecssPurge css rules that are not used in the bundle
vite-plugin-imageminOptimize all images sizes in dist folder

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