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Vuero uses Vite, which is a web development and build tool that supports:

  • a fast development environment with hot reload (using native javascript modules)
  • building an optimized version for production (using rollup)
  • native support for Typescript and SCSS
import { defineConfig } from 'vite'

export default defineConfig({
  // vite options

Useful links:

Base plugins

@vitejs/plugin-vueInject vue library and allow SFC files to work (*.vue)
vite-plugin-vue-devtoolsInspect your app's DOM tree and enhance the Vue developer experience
since v3.0.0
unplugin-vue-routerGenerate routes based on file system, with typed routes
since v3.0.0
@unhead/addons/viteOptimize Unhead usage
unplugin-auto-importAuto loading modules on-demand
since v3.0.0
unplugin-vue-components/viteAuto loading vue components on-demand
rollup-plugin-purgecssPurge CSS rules that are not used in the bundle

Electron specific plugins

vite-plugin-electronElectron HMR Render process support
since v3.0.0

Demo specific plugins

@intlify/vite-plugin-vue-i18nDoes i18n resources pre-compilation / optimizations
vite-plugin-pwaGenerate manifest.json and register services worker to enable PWA
vite-plugin-vuero-docInternal Vite plugin that load markdown files as vue components
vite-plugin-purge-commentsInternal Vite plugin that remove html comments from vue components

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