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Nephos Documentation
Latest versionv2.8.0

First of all, Thank you so much for purchasing this template and for being our loyal customer. You are awesome! You are entitled to get free lifetime updates to this product and support from the CSS Ninja team directly.

This documentation has been written to help you regarding each step of customization. Please go through the documentation carefully to understand how this template is made and how to edit this properly. HTML and CSS knowledge is required to customize this template.


Be careful before you start working with the template and read the documentation. If not edited properly, layouts may break completely. No support is provided for faulty customization.

You are currently reading the new Nephos v2.8.0 documentation. Nephos now supports gulp 4. New features have been added :

  • Upgraded to Bulma 0.9.3 version
  • Updated project dependencies
  • Upgraded sass compilation to dart-sass
  • Upgraded minimum required node version to v12 (also supports v14)

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