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Vulk and Vite

Vulk uses Vite, which is a web development build tool that supports:

  • a fast development environment with hot reload (using native javascript modules)
  • building an optimized version for production (using rollup)
  • native support for typescript

Under the hood, when runing pnpm dev, it runs vite.

To learn more about this awesome tool made by the vuejs core team, check You will learn to:

  • Add postcss pre-processors
  • Integrate JSX
  • Implement fancy Web Assembly code
  • Add new asset path aliases
  • And much more

Vite plugins in Vite

@vitejs/plugin-vueInject vue library and allow sfc files to work (*.vue)
@intlify/vite-plugin-vue-i18nDoes i18n resources pre-compilation / optimizations
vite-plugin-pagesGenerate routes based on file system
unplugin-auto-importAuto-Import modules
since v1.2.0
unplugin-vue-components/viteAutoloading vue components
unplugin-iconsInjects icons from differents providers
vite-plugin-fontsInject webfonts from differents providers
vite-plugin-radarInject snippets from analytics providers
vite-plugin-pwaGenerate manifest.json and register services worker to enable PWA

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